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Isolated Combative Events



In the White Lotus System of Unarmed Combat®, the expression isolated combative events is a label that’s used to identify the seventh study in a series of eighteen studies. In this system, isolated combative events is defined as; “the circumstances that are created through the integration of techniques, tactics, and strategies“. Throughout this study the members’ overall focus is directed towards learning how to process isolated combative events. This means learning how to discern, formulate, and execute isolated combative events according to the practices and standards of the White Lotus System. In this study, members are guided through a matrix of isolated combative events. As members proceed through the matrix they’re taught what techniques, tactics, and strategies can be integrated to form valid combative events. They are also taught the technical, tactical, and strategic combination’s that won’t form a valid combative event. As an example, the integration of the following technique, tactic, and strategy will form a valid combative event; Real Striking Actions /


Incapacitate Opponent / Conventional Methods of Attack. On the other hand, the following technique, tactic, and strategy will not form a valid combative event; Real Guarding Positions / Incapacitate Opponent / Conventional Methods of Protect. There are two reasons why the integration of this technique, tactic, and strategy will not form a valid combative event. 1. guarding positions are used in the process of keeping one’s body or parts of it from harm. The essential nature of a guarding position is such that it can not be used to hit or grasp an opponent. As a result, it’s impossible to incapacitate an opponent with a guarding position. 2. A guarding position is static in nature. Something that’s static in nature can not be used to achieve a tactical objective that is dependent on a technique being kinetic in nature. No technique that’s static in nature can be used to incapacitate an opponent. In unarmed combat, being able to process isolated combative events is a key aspect of the combative process. It’s at this level of preparation members continue to participate in two man exercises and sparring exercises. This White Lotus study serves as important preparation for learning variable combative events.








How To Learn Martial Arts @ Home

 Did you know it’s possible to learn martial arts in the comfort of your own home?  Did you know that you can achieve real skills this way?  The default perception is that you need a classroom environment to learn martial arts, but in reality the best training can be done in the private setting of your own home.  Through well structured and laid out lessons, you too can learn the basic positions, actions, and presentations (forms) of the White Lotus System.

The White Lotus System is an evolutionary step forward in combat.  That’s a big claim, I realize.  But let’s talk about an example – Energy Lake Kung Fu Studios, a widely successful Martial Arts System in the ’80’s, ran by Grand Master Brian K. Leishman.  What do I mean by a step forward?  Well, think of it this way… Classical Kung Fu forms plus sparing was what was essentially taught at Energy Lake Studios.  The forms were based on Classical Moh Kempo Animal Styles, such as Dragon, Tiger, Snake, Panther, and Crane.  Kempo katas and stick forms were taught along with self defence techniques and sparing to over 20,000 students across Canada.

The physical aspects, or the foundations of combat is what was essentially taught at Energy Lake Studios from what I understand.  I was never actually taught at Energy Lake, as I now train the White Lotus method of fighting.

I have trained in other systems, such as my time spent in Tae Kwon Do.   When I trained Tae Kwon Do, it was a fun and very physical experience.  My instructor was Korean, and didn’t speak English very well, and thus not much communicating was done in comparison to my White Lotus experience.  But he was very good at what he did, his form was excellent, and his kicks were very powerful.  I recall he was even on television demonstrating his high-kicks by kicking an apple off a Katana sword, held by a man atop another man’s shoulders.  I witnessed impressive physical talents at that Tae Kwon Do studio, to be sure.

In Tae Kwon Do… Katas were shown, moves were shown, and we were told to try to make it work in sparing.   It was up to us to basically figure out how to fight at the end of the day.  What I mean, is there was no real guidance regarding HOW to fight… we were merely given positions, punches and kicks.  I mean the obvious thing is to go in there and hit the bad guy, but isn’t there anything else that could be understood about the fight?  Well, that was up to us to find out.  And from what I understand, many systems of martial arts out there are similar in this regard, not all mind you, but a large majority lack real methods for HOW to fight.

But where The White Lotus System of Unarmed Combat differs from the industry, is that it teaches you Martial Arts Techniques, Tactics, and Strategies.  Entire volumes of study in psychological warfare are dispensed at White Lotus workshops, and what I’ve always found incredible is how easily these ideas can be integrated into any position, action or presentation (physical forms or events).  In fact, White Lotus teaches far more than that, with 18 studies of content to learn, and skills to develop, there is a tremendous amount of information for those who are interested.

One of the ultimate ends of this system is to walk away with the skills to end an unarmed confrontation (fight), under random conditions, in  15 seconds or less… really we aim to do it in 5, but there are standards set for a reason.  Can you imagine ending a fight that quickly?  How about dealing with multiple opponents?  Well with skills and concepts at your disposal, you can… it’s reality, I’ve seen it, and it can be repeated consistently.   And again… you can learn a tremendous amount from the comfort of your own home!  Check out the White Lotus System introduction to find out more.

Modern Combat Instructor,

Robert Graham

A practitioner of the White Lotus System of Unarmed Combat, and also the founding Instructor for Modern Combat Martial Arts.  Mr. Graham conducts private or group workshops, every Tuesday and Thursday in Toronto, Canada.  Interested parties just need to click to Ying Yang symbol to get started.

Body Language & Unarmed Combat

The Instructors at Modern Combat Martial Arts teach the basic languages of WLCS, from a verbal, written, and physical perspective.  Lessons are in context with Basic Skill Development, and enable a practitioner to forge the foundations of becoming a serious tactical fighter.

A proficient fighter of this nature can determine which Principle Considerations of the Combative Process are being actualized by an opponent, and which are absent.  Once these considerations are seen, a practitioner can make an informed decision to adapt.

This is done through reading the “physical language of unarmed combat” and reacting in a timely manor. Where most are prone to shut down under pressure, you can learn to adapt with real considerations and increase your odds of survival.

If you are interested in an introductory seminar for the Principle Considerations of the Combative Process – registration is still open:

For more information, or to register, please contact Mr. Otto at

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