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Situations, Structures, and Strategies

Military strategy is a set of ideas implemented by military organizations to pursue desired strategic goals.[1]

Modern Combat Martial Arts is a school of martial arts which gives individuals the opportunity to learn unarmed combat strategies. In unarmed combat there are ideas which need to be, first understood, then implemented in your Kung Fu (Practice). These form the basis of strategies which are then applied to reach desired goals, with an extremely high degree of consistency.

As I’ve mentioned, the MCMA association gives students an opportunity to learn these strategies, but if you don’t apply the concepts, you won’t become a smarter fighter. The strategies and concepts are those derived from the White Lotus System of Unarmed Combat.  MCMA is a Total Adaptation System©, based on the teachings of Brian K. Leishman. The White Lotus System allows for a complete set of situational based concepts and practices. Do you think you have what it takes to adapt? You might be surprised.

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MCMA – Striking Skills

MCMA members should know that the expression striking skills is a label that’s used to identify a specific series of courses. In this system, striking skills are defined as “1. a specific group of art form skills used to symbolize the process of hitting an opponent’s body or parts of it. 2. a specific group of combative skills used in the actual process of hitting an opponent’s body or parts of it”. As a student, your overall focus should not just be on learning the biomechanical events, art form events, or combative events associated with the striking sub-studies. Rather, your overall focus should be directed towards absorbing, accepting, and adopting the physical processes, mental processes, and/or emotional processes that are associated with the striking events.

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