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Your Perceptions Matter

When students are first introduced to the principle considerations of thecombative process they are asked to absorbaccept, and adopt the associatedlabelsdefinitions, and concepts imparted to them. These initial stages of thelearning process are very intellectual in nature – the process of acquiringknowledge. Once these tasks have been completed, the students are introduced to a series ofexercises that enable them to experience processing the principle considerations. It’s at this stage of the learning process where they develop their first perceptions of the principle considerations. In the White Lotus System, these initial perceptions are referred to asbaseline perceptions. Although important in the initial stages of experience, these baseline perceptions can impede the students’ progression, especially if they insist on cling to them. With this in mind, students are encouraged to further the development of their perceptions whenever possible. This conscious expansion of understanding and experience enables them to utilize the principle considerations of the combative process in a greater and more meaningful way, thus increasing their odds of survival. The process associated with the initiallearning of the principle considerations can be found in the course titled “WLS 010 / Principle Considerations of the Combative Process”. The students’ ability to further their baseline perceptions occurs as the principle considerations are brought into context with one other in the following courses. A practitioner’s inability to perceive things in combat, as they really are, is a serious problem and often leads to their demise in battle.

Brian K Leishman

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