Art form, Sport or Combat?

sports-boxing-combat-sportsThere are millions of people training martial arts today. Many of them are training at professional levels (UFC). Typical skill sets range from Brazilian Jujitsu, Judo, usually combined with Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, or some other “stand-up” styles. But there are big differences with what people are actually training. There is a major choice a practitioner has to make before stepping one foot inside a studio. In fact, the decision itself can eliminate many schools from your options, so ensure you give this some thought. The question is this:

What is the objective of your martial arts training? 

Art form – is classified as a passive martial art, such as some forms of Tai Chi.  These forms of martial arts are great for exercise, keeping the body active, and flexibility.  They are great for movement meditation, and have several untold benefits.  This form of training is not recommended for sport or combat.

Sport – is classified as an activity involving extreme physical duress, where two or more opponents engage in battle.  These contests are usually governed by a specific set of rules, chosen for safety purposes.  Winners primarily are victorious through Knockout, TKO, or submission.

Combat – is classified as a form of physical contact, in which two or more opponents engage in life threatening battle.  This skill is used for self defense scenarios in war or on the street.  These types of life threatening confrontations are typically experienced by armed forces or law enforcement personnel.  This particular form of battle is extremely dangerous as your life could very well be on the line.  The training in turn is very intensive, involving the many ideas that must be understood to keep you alive under such physical duress.  Confrontation of this nature can end with an infliction of pain, stun, knockout, bone break, maim, or even death.

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