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Variable Combative Events

combatives pit

combatives pit (Photo credit: West Point Public Affairs)

In the White Lotus System of Unarmed Combat®, the expression variable combative events is a label that’s used to identify the eighth study in a series of eighteen studies. In this system, variable combative events is defined as; “the circumstances that are created through the integration of opposing techniques, tactics, and strategies“. Throughout this study the members’ overall focus is directed towards learning how to process variable combative events. This means learning how to discern, formulate, and execute variable combative events according to the practices and standards of the White Lotus System. In this study, members are guided through a matrix of variable combative events. As members proceed through the matrix they’re taught what variable combative events form valid combative events. They are also taught what variable combative events will not form a valid combative event. In unarmed combat, being able to process variable combative events is a key aspect of the combative process. It’s at this level of preparation members continue to participate in two man exercises and sparring exercises. This White Lotus study serves as important preparation for learning random combative events.


The combative process in context with the White Lotus System is a term depicting a highly evolved method of effectively handling opponents under any circumstances. An understanding and proper application of this combative process will increase your odds of survival, with a high and measurable degree of consistency… under random opposing combat conditions. Wouldn’t you like to add this skill to your arsenal?

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