Written by Mike Otto, Founder of Reality Based Martial Arts, and a fellow White Lotus Practitioner.


Why the image of a staircase? What does this image have to do with Martial Arts?

The staircase is a metaphor – a symbol chosen to depict that the acquisition of combative skills will not simply come in an instant, much in the same way people simply do not “teleport” to the top of a staircase. The reality of combative preparation is that it never occurs as an “event” (like teleportation) – it is helpful if combative preparation is understood to be a process, like climbing a staircase.

The staircase as a metaphor suggests that in order to arrive at an “elevated” destination, applied, consistent effort is necessary in traversing each step – every step being preparatory to the next. Effective martial arts instruction establishes a systematic and structured means for students to safely and efficiently acquire knowledge and develop skill, allowing them to “ascend” to their goals.


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