What’s in a Crane Stance?

Day Two of the basic skill development workshop tonight conducted by Brian K. Leishman. The overall focus is on the attributes associated with single leg stances (e.g. crane stances). These biomechanical positions are used in the lower body region to guardstrikeblock, and parrying.

Ever wondered why you don’t see many Crane (single leg) Stances in professional fighting?  Try to recall the last time you ever saw someone in a professional fighting league such as the UFC, where either combatant used an efficient and effective Crane Stance?  Probably never.

There is a real reason for this.  The answer is that people do not use what they don’t believe will work for them.  This applies to any subject matter in any industry, but especially within the Combative Arts.

Within our system we often speak of “Professional Kata” demonstrations, where world class masters of style display their various forms.  But interestingly enough, we never see those same forms used when those same individuals begin to fight or spar.  Why?  Because they can’t make it work.

But just because millions of people are doing something wrong, doesn’t make it right.  Nor does it discount the fact that it’s possible to utilize these forms in an effective combative manor.  If you’d like to understand how to do this, I recommend attending our next workshop.

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