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Attending Advanced Combat Workshops

In context with the learning process, every study, sub-study, lesson, and lesson step, serves as preparation for the next. Content taken out of context can be ambiguous at best. This is not to say that martial artists from other styles have to start at the beginning. They can start at any level they want provided that they understand what’s being stated in the first two sentences of this blog. As an educator, I discourage people from entering into a course, seminar, or workshop if I believe that the course content will be ambiguous to them.  However, I will take the time needed to encourage these same people to fulfill the dependencies needed to enter into the levels they seek to learn. Creating venues for seminars and workshops is not just about making money, it’s about helping people learn real things in a real way.

Advanced Workshops and Seminars conducted by:

Brian K. Leishman / Founder of The White Lotus Combat System

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