The Vocabulary of Combat

In every White Lotus lesson, the very first thing imparted to members is a label. In the White Lotus System of Unarmed Combat® the expression label is used to identify a specific key term within the system’s spoken language and written language. The expression label is also used to identify a specific principle consideration of the learning process. In addition, the expression label is also used to identify a specific lesson step. In this systemlabel is defined as; “1. a term or phrase that’s used to identify an aspect of the White Lotus System of Unarmed Combat®. 2. a term or phrase that’s used to identify an aspect of the system’s learning processart form process, or combative process“.

In martial preparation, individuals are exposed to labels all the time. Take a moment, and think of the number of labels being used in this web post. As the ideas in this post are being read, most readers will believe that they understand what’s being stated. Yet, most will not know what each label identifies nor understand the associated meaning. Do you have any idea how many learning impediments occur at this initial stage of learning?

Most readers will never question the labels or the associated definitions. As fast as they read, they’ll simply assume to understand. Really – do you know what each label in the post identifies? Do you know the meaning associated with each label? Are your preconceived ideasdelusional based or reality based?  Remember, the delusional based perceptions that members form in this stage of the learning process will simply be carried from one lesson to the next. With this in mind, I encourage members to learn as much as they can about the system’s unique learning process.

Brian K Leishman
Founder / White Lotus Educator

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