The Combative Process

There are a lot of martial art practitioners who posses acombative process. That’s evident every time we witnessesmartial artists performing isolated two man demonstrationssparring, or fighting. However, not allpractitioners know how to adapt to random combative conditions and survive with a high and measurable degree of consistency. Most are not efficient, nor are they consistent in achieving their technicaltactical, or strategic objectives under random conditions.

In combative preparation, the key to success lies in learning things that these previous mentioned objectives are dependent upon. The first major step, lies in learning the dependencies of efficient and successful adaption. In the White Lotus Combat System these dependencies are referred to as the principle considerations of the combative process.

The principle considerations are segregated into two distinct categories; 1) Macro Considerations and 2) Micro Considerations. Although pertinent to the combative process, the macro considerations are just concepts. Isolated from the micro considerations, they can neither beabstracted or actualized – they’re just concepts. It’s the micro considerations that enable practitioners to actualize macro considerations; biomechanical eventstechniquestactics, and strategies.

The physical and mental integration of macro considerations and micro considerations is what enablesWhite Lotus practitioners to adapt in an efficient and successful manner. The macro considerations are explicitly taught in basic skill development. Although micro consideration are used to further theabstraction and actualization of combative concepts, they are implicitly engineered into the basic skill development exercises. The micro considerations are formally and explicitly introduced to members in intermediate skill development. It’s at this level of skill development where members learn to process micro considerations in a manner that enables them to remove the ambiguity that would otherwise surround the combative process. In advanced skill development the members attention is directed to the ideologies associated with having a non-fear based process.

Brian K Leishman
Founder / White Lotus Educator

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