Veiling Techniques

Sun Tzu, The Art of War

“In martial arts, it is important that strategy be unfathomable, that form be concealed, and that movements be unexpected, so that preparedness against them be impossible. What enables a good general to win without fail is always having unfathomable wisdom and a modus operandi that leaves no tracks. Only the formless cannot be affected. Sages hide in unfathomability, so their feelings cannot be observed; they operate in formlessness, so their lines cannot be crossed.“

I believe this Sun Tzu statement speaks to the idea of veiling one’stechniques, of which tactics and strategies are comprised of. To me, it speaks of the idea of veiling one’s technical intent. In theWhite Lotus System, the ideas associated with this Sun Tzu passage are referred to as “Veiled Techniques“.

Brian K Leishman

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