Modern Combat – Concepts and Practices

As a general rule, most UFC fighters focus on acquiring and developing striking skills and grappling skills. We encourage like minded practitioners to further their technical skills. This can be accomplished by learning the combative concepts and practices associated with guarding skillsblocking skills,parrying skills, and throwing skills. In the White Lotus Combat System, we believe that “more can be better”.

Reality Based Training

Within the martial art communitypractitioners are capable of conjuring up a multitude of ideas – this is simply the nature of mind. These ideas can, and should, be divided into two distinct categories; 1) ideas that are delusional basedand 2) ideas that are reality based. Outside of one’s imagination, delusional based ideas can neither be abstracted or actualized in an activecombative process. However, reality based ideas can be abstracted and actualized in an active combative process. When engaging in two man exercises or sparring exercises, I encourage these practitioners to think of reality based training as being something more than the general practice of making physical contact.

-Brian K Leishman

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