Introducing Guarding Skills

In the White Lotus System of Unarmed Combat® the expression guarding skills is used to identify a specific key term within thesystem’s spoken language and written language. The expression guarding skills is also used to identify a specific category of art form skills and combative skills.

In this system, guarding skills is defined as; “1. a specific group of art form skills used to symbolize the process of keeping one’s bodyor parts of it from harm. 2. a specific group of combative skills used in the actual process of keeping one’s body or parts of it from harm“.

In the White Lotus Combat System, the system’s guarding skills are segregated into six distinct categories; 1)Guarding Positions, 2) Guarding Actions, 3) Guarding Presentations, 4) Guarding Techniques, 5) Guarding Tactics, and 6) Guarding Strategies. An in-depth understanding of guarding skills can be achieved as one progresses from basic skill developmentintermediate skill developmentadvanced skill development, to mastery.

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