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Veiling Techniques

Sun Tzu, The Art of War

“In martial arts, it is important that strategy be unfathomable, that form be concealed, and that movements be unexpected, so that preparedness against them be impossible. What enables a good general to win without fail is always having unfathomable wisdom and a modus operandi that leaves no tracks. Only the formless cannot be affected. Sages hide in unfathomability, so their feelings cannot be observed; they operate in formlessness, so their lines cannot be crossed.“

I believe this Sun Tzu statement speaks to the idea of veiling one’stechniques, of which tactics and strategies are comprised of. To me, it speaks of the idea of veiling one’s technical intent. In theWhite Lotus System, the ideas associated with this Sun Tzu passage are referred to as “Veiled Techniques“.

Brian K Leishman

Modern Combat – Concepts and Practices

As a general rule, most UFC fighters focus on acquiring and developing striking skills and grappling skills. We encourage like minded practitioners to further their technical skills. This can be accomplished by learning the combative concepts and practices associated with guarding skillsblocking skills,parrying skills, and throwing skills. In the White Lotus Combat System, we believe that “more can be better”.

Reality Based Training

Within the martial art communitypractitioners are capable of conjuring up a multitude of ideas – this is simply the nature of mind. These ideas can, and should, be divided into two distinct categories; 1) ideas that are delusional basedand 2) ideas that are reality based. Outside of one’s imagination, delusional based ideas can neither be abstracted or actualized in an activecombative process. However, reality based ideas can be abstracted and actualized in an active combative process. When engaging in two man exercises or sparring exercises, I encourage these practitioners to think of reality based training as being something more than the general practice of making physical contact.

-Brian K Leishman

MCMA Online Learning

Learning Portal

Supporting members – wherever they are.

Why create a martial art learning portal? Being in a formal training environment is not always possible. The average adult lifestyle does not always allow for the luxury of time away from our homes, families and responsibilities. As well, some individuals find it challenging to recall information vital to their progression unless in the presence of an instructor. Away from a formal classroom, they lack familiarity with the key ideas needed to ensure that their development is both successful and efficient. The White Lotus System of Unarmed Combat® recognizes the need to support the interests and development of its members at all times – even (and especially) when they are not available to work directly with an instructor or available to attend classroom based training.In response to this need, a unique internet based learning portal has been created for the White Lotus student body.

This learning portal provides system members the unprecedented opportunity to further their own development at all times. When an individual becomes a member of the system and attends classroom based training, they have the opportunity to obtain access to the learning portal, where the lesson content they need to support their development is made available to them, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The learning portal is a highly organized, interactive resource available to all system members as a supplement to their formal, classroom based training. By properly leveraging the learning portal, members can accelerate their development and reduce time spent in formal instruction.

See the portal for yourself and browse the content made available to the general public by visitinghttps://www.whitelotussystem.com/portal

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