How Do I Start?

Why do you have skill levels?  In previous articles, there has been mention of various skill and/or development levels within the system.  Development levels show the measurable differences between performance levels.  For example, think of someone just learning to skate for the first time and how they might look attempting a professional move such as a Double Axel.  Now think of an Olympic gold medallist  performing the same move.  Can you perceive a difference?

Somewhere within that examples lies the difference between basic skills, and the execution of a master.  The move might be the same, but the execution of it is… different.  Well within this system, those differences are discernible and measurable, thus providing everyone with an opportunity to perform at a master’s level, not just a select few.

So how do I begin?  Basic Skill Development classes would be my first suggestion, as this provides the opportunity to learn the systems art forms and postures.  These forms then become the foundation for the technical, tactical, and strategic fighting skills taught at higher levels.   Basic skills provide a set of well designed positions to be used in efficient and effective combat, and without them you are subject to many more vulnerabilities than other members.  To begin your first private or group lesson in basic skill development, please contact Robert Graham.

Do you need to learn postures through Modern Combat?  Can I enter directly into Intermediate or Advanced training?  There may be opportunities for those who wish to enter directly into combative skill development, but you may come to discover that your own forms may not be as efficiently designed, thus impeding your ability to keep up at more advanced levels.  For those interested in attempting an Intermediate or Advanced Skill Development workshop without prior White Lotus training, please discuss this directly with Brian K. Leishman, the system’s founder.  Mr. Leishman will assess your preparedness to enter directly into combative skill development.

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